My HelpRX Coupon Didn’t Work Until

I moved recently and went to a new pharmacist last week to get my prescription for Ambien only to learn that my new pharmacist wouldn’t take my coupon.  I put up a bit of a fight – but in the end I decided just to go to another pharmacy. I’m glad I did! The HelpRX coupon worked like a charm just like it always did at my old pharmacy. When I asked my new favorite local CVS why the other pharmacy across the street didn’t accept the discount, he told me it was probably because they just didn’t want to! He then pointed out that the HelpRX coupon is a little confusing because it doesn’t clearly label the pharmacy system for Bin, Group number, Member ID, etc…  I just wrote to HelpRX and someone told me I had a good idea and that they would fix the coupon to be clearer.  In any event, there are some numbers on the coupon in the bottom left corner.  They are supposed to be labeled:





But those labels don’t seem to print out (but you can see them on the screen).  My CVS pharmacist new what each of the numbers meant and tried once or twice until it cleared in his system.  He said the pharmacy doesn’t make as much money if they take the coupon so the other pharmacist probably just said it wouldn’t work without trying to figure out the codes (which evidently are not hard to figure out).  Apparently the HelpRX coupons should work at every pharmacy in the country – just some pharmacists will try to turn you away to make more money. Anyway, thank you CVS! And thank you HelpRX! (but please fix the print coupon feature ;)

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