How it works

What you need to know about Smart Prescription Savings:

Drug prices change from one city block to the next! Even at the same pharmacy chain! Even a couple times per day! It's worth pricing out the cost at a couple pharmacies!
Often your Insurance Co-Pay is actually higher than the cost of your drug – why would your insurance make you pay MORE!?

The vast majority of drugs sold in America are sold to everyone at two prices:


The street price where you don’t ask for a discount and


The discounted price where you bring a coupon and get the drug for a lot cheaper.

Why should the drug companies sell it for less if you don’t care enough about your drugs cost enough to bring a coupon?

Bring a coupon! There is ALMOST ALWAYS some kind of discount.

Why are there discounts on drugs if you have a coupon? Why is it that Sam’s club can sell milk cheaper than your local deli?
When you buy drugs for many millions of people per year, you get bulk-buying savings.
These savings are generally only applied to big insurance companies that don’t want to pay full price to cover your prescription needs. However! That doesn’t mean they are the only ones to get mega discounts – you can too but using any of a dozen existing drug discount providers. We are working on a list of all of them but also suggest you give our discounts a try (we think we’ve got the best ;)

PRIVACY! You don’t need to give out any information at all to use these discounts. You can be an overseas traveler, an undocumented worker, an embarrassed husband or just a regular person who likes their privacy and to save money.
Printing a coupon on this site requires no information so go ahead and give it a try and see for yourself.

We do offer a way to send you a lifetime savings card if you want to always carry one with you, for that you must enter your contact information or we cannot send you your card.
This site does not get information back from the pharmacy about what drugs you purchased – we only get a rough idea of what we saved this community.

Why did we build this service?

Two reasons:

Americans pay more for drugs than any other citizen of this world. Lets help ease this burden and stimulate our economy.
This site provides ways to help you save in our forums, chat boards and community. We can work together.
When you do utilize one of our coupons you save money and we make a little bit back as a sales commission. We don’t know what we made per person or per drug, but we know that the check that comes back is enough to keep the website live and allow us to build and grow.
You saving money actually help’s us help other people save money too.

Please tell others about SmartPrescriptionSavings.com

Please contribute your hints and tricks to our forum Please come back and anonymously comment on each drug page to tell people how well the discount worked for you – or if it didn’t! We’d like to know.

AND IMPORTANT! We do not - and will not - sell drugs through this site. You NEED a valid Doctor issued prescription and to visit a registered pharmacist to get drugs in this country. But when you do those two things – you may as well save money on your purchase. Our discounts work at almost EVERY single pharmacy in the country!

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